As a strong member of the Alberta irrigation design community, LIS has provided irrigation design and project management services to over 200 Western Canadian projects.  Since February 2006, LIS has demonstrated its ability to provide proven, timely, cost-effective water delivery systems through efficient and effective professional irrigation design services to its clients.

All relevant irrigation design considerations have been, and will continue to be made, in accordance with the Irrigation Association’s Turf & Landscape Irrigation Best Management Practices and Landscape Irrigation Scheduling and Water Management guidelines.

LIS members serve on several irrigation industry committees developing standards, guidelines, and technical references.

LIS maintains up-to-date industry knowledge by engaging in continuing education, professional associations, training on new products, as well as industry innovations.

Noteworthy strengths possessed by LIS Project team members include:

  • Extensive experience in existing irrigation system upgrade and retrofitting;
  • Project Management, design, and contractual expertise;
  • Irrigation professionals with combined 27 years of local, national, and international irrigation related experience;
  • Excellent knowledge of The City of Calgary Water Services Water Managed Sites Tier 1 and Tier 2, and The City of Calgary Parks Water Management Strategic Plan;
  • Team of well-rounded professionals with multi-faceted experience;
  • Experience with various irrigation controllers and central control systems;
  • Successful completion of new irrigation systems and renovation works with the City of Calgary, City of Medicine Hat, City of Saskatoon, and other Municipal clients;
  • Ability to start and complete projects of all sizes in a timely manner as per contract conditions;
  • Coordination skills when multiple parties are involved.