LIS is one of Canada’s leading consulting irrigation design firms offering a wide array of comprehensive services including but not limited to:

  • Conceptual and Detailed Irrigation Design Work – Complete irrigation design plans in AutoCAD including layout, legend, and notes complete with required details, and irrigation runtime schedule for tender submission and/or construction
  • Construction Drawings, Specifications, and Tender Documents – Prepare bid documents from Client or Municipal tender package front-end template complete with specifications, special conditions, schedule of quantities (unit price form, as required), and construction cost estimates.  Bid review, cost analysis, and recommendations
  • LEED Documents Preparation – LIS designs and prepares LEED Documents related to First and Second Water Efficiency Credits (WEc1.1 and WEc1.2)
  • Contract Administration and Project Management – LIS provides field review, process contractor’s claims and payment certificates, and represents the Client best interests in completing the project on time and on budget
  • As-built Collection and Plan Development – LIS uses the latest GPS technology tools in collecting, documenting, and processing As-built information
  • Distribution Uniformity Analysis – Analysis can be provided both during the design phase as well as after installation using as-built data collected by LIS.  The results from the analysis and the as-built plan development can be seamlessly integrated into the irrigation site control software, runtime programming, and remote control operations